Forms used by the HOA and New Level Managers
These are forms used by the HOA and New Level Managers.   All information is for HOA and office use only and is never sold or give out. The only exception is in the event a contractor needs to go to a unit to make repairs they will be given the contact information and you will be notified that they will be contacting you.

Emergency Contact Form Please use this form anytime your contact information changes or if you have a change of tenants.  We hope to never have to contact you with an emergency, however, they do happen so it's important to have this information up to date.

Design Review Request
Any changes to the exterior of your home requires approval by the Board before the work is done.  The request should contain this form, drawings/sketches, list of materials to be used, and any other information pertaining to the proposed change so the Board is able to make an informed decision.  Please be sure to send in the request in with plenty of time for the Board to review it before work is to begin.  the Board meets on the 3rd Monday of the month and this is generally when they review these requests.

Emergency Contact

Dues coupon

This is a generic form should you need a coupon to send in with your dues.

Request Form

Auto Pay for Dues
If you would like to be on auto pay for your dues please fill out this form and send it and a voided check to the office.  Payments are taken on the 5th of each month, or the first business day after if it falls on a weekend or holiday.

Auto Pay form